Homeless Cats

Whether a cat is a house cat, a feral, a stray, or abandond,
all of them deserve a chance at a happy life.
This is what we are doing
to help homeless cats, in Hawaii,
and what we hope for the future.
The start of our TNR Colony

The first cat...

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We didn't plan on starting a cat sanctuary or cat rescue in Hawaii...
but one cat lead to another...
and another, then 4 more cats, 5 more cats, etc...
We didn't look for these cats or "buy" them for our "pets",
they just showed up, or were found in places that they couldn't stay...

We considered bringing these cats we found to the "humane" society, but looking into what actually happens there...for every cat you bring in, another is going to be killed.... and for every cat (or dog) you get somewhere else, another is going to be killed...
Thousands upon thousands of cats (and dogs) are unnecessarily "euthenized" (killed) every day by "humane" societies and local shelters...!
So we knew we had to do something else...

We got involved with the
Feline Foundation, a non profit group, that helps people establish TNR Cat colonies on Maui, and helps get these cats spayed and neutered, helping to end the cycle of unwanted cats from being born in the wild, and ending suffering these cats and kittens are forced to endure.

We are responsible for around 100 cats right now....
between our office colony and the sanctuary.
New ones show up once in awhile, some feral cats and some cats that people just decided they didn't want anymore, so they just drop in a parking lot! Sometimes the cats are pregnant, meaning even more cats.
Some of our gets get sick, or injured, and sadly we deal with death too...

We get our cats spayed or neutered, asap.
We feed them, make sure they have fresh water.
We treat for fleas, ear mites, whatever comes our way, including huge vet bills...
and try to make them as happy as we we possibly can....

Several of our cats are still feral, meaning basically that we cannot pet them, and most likely, never will, which is fine. They didn't ask to be abandond by heartless people, or be born into a life on the streets.... They have a right to live a happy healthy life too...
But the majority of them are friendly, loving, cats, that love attention from us,
make us laugh.

Our official colony started at our office, but extended into our home, a small condominium. Whenever the cats were ill, needed extra care, or for other reasons needed to be moved, we of course brought them there. At one point the cats numbered 16 inside our home!

In 2008 we found some property in a more remote part of Maui, and slowly have been making that into a cat sanctuary.
We have moved all of the condo cats there, several of our office cats, and several others from other people and places too, and hope to make it into a large no kill facility, for cats that otherwise would be killed...
But we can't do it alone...

If you can, please consider donating, whether it's money, food, flea meds, or even time.
Any amount helps!
Food alone drains our paycheck....
But we want to do more, and helped create
Save an Animal.org

If you, or someone you know has the desire to help more homeless cats, cats that otherwise will be killed, by helping us build and develop a no kill shelter, putting up fencing, securing funds or grants for the future, please
contact us.

Click on the links above
to read more on what we have done,
and more on what we hope to do for
homeless cats in Hawaii....

Homeless cats, Maui Hawaii